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Happy New Year!

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As the New Year rolled in, millions of people scattered across the globe were pondering their New Years’ resolutions.  I’m not much different.  I am hoping, however that my resolution has resounding repercussions as I set my sights on having more resolve !  It should be a win/win situation . . . .I’m obviously optimistic!

Of course, there are other areas with great room for improvement and by having more resolve, I’m certain those improvements shall naturally follow.

2012 was a great year of change for me.  I learned things about myself that I never would have thought possible.  I grew in ways I might have never imagined.  I gained a greater perspective on so much in life and I found a new sense of peace.  Through all of this enlightenment and gained insight, I have felt empowered like never before . . .and I like it!

So stay tuned.  Expect to witness changes.  Watch me fly.  I’ve resolved to quit reaching for the stars and instead, walk among them.  I encourage you to do the same!150222_4682212371566_1211225427_n522511_4544427527031_615661830_n

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