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Sifting through some of my saved writing and I stumbled across this piece.  I was enrolled in a writing class and this piece was my response to the assigned prompt.

I write often about change, but this little gem is probably one of my favorites as it serves up the subject of change in its’ many shapes and forms.   I hope you enjoy it and can relate in some way or another.

Change can come in

like a rug being yanked out

from beneath your firmly planted feet

sending you twisting and tumbling down

a long descent of stairs


When you come to rest

choose carefully

Will you lie there lifeless? Defeated?

Or will you spring to your feet

bounding up each step as if it were your first

marveling at the journey

refreshed by the beauty

of new choices?


Change can happen

so slowly and stealthily

nearly undetectable as it inches in

creeping up on you and swallowing you whole

before you realize nothing is the same


When you discover yourself

in a new landscape or mindset

will you kick and scream?

Will you close your eyes to it all?

The walls you built up seemed so strong

will they now crumble?

Or will you perch high a-top the walls of change

Embrace the vantage point

and fly?