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Who Says Who’s Cool, Anyhow?

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Sitting at dinner the other night with amazing friends and the conversation turned to FOMO . . . the dreaded fear of missing out. Those of us presently seated together unanimously agreed that none of us suffered from this affliction. Sure, there’d been a time or two where friends were doing something where we thought, “Now that would be a great experience!” What we quickly realized, and perhaps one of the many reasons we have become such quick and true friends, is because of our ability to live in the moment. To appreciate who we are with at the moment, where we are and what we are doing.

Too often, many of us can not truly keep ourselves in the moment. We see a social media post of friends doing something that looks so much greater than our current experience and we think, “Ugh, I should be with them.”

In the midst of this conversation this friend, who is one of the singly most amazing women I have ever met and can truly call “friend,” remarked that she was never one of the “cool kids” and she was A-ok with that status. It didn’t bother her when she was younger and it sure as hell didn’t affect her life now either. And I will tell you this, if you know her, you know she’s telling the truth!

Her remark has been nagging at me for a few days for so many reasons. First, I personally think she is “THE Coolest Kid” and quite frankly, I’m happy I don’t have to share her with others who aren’t sincere in calling her “friend.” This world is full of people who say one thing yet mean another. They say things like “I Love You” and “trust me!” But those words are simply empty words. They turn around at the very next opportunity and talk crap about others behind their backs. They stir up trouble and drama and create self-doubt in those who surround them. Well if that’s what defines “cool” then I am sure as hell relieved to not fit that classification.

Surround yourself with real people who care about you and not about what you can do for them or how being in your presence will make them look better. Genuine and real is far cooler than having a huge fan base. So by my definition, you are one of the “cool kids!”

Love you Barb!


Have You Forgotten?

September 11th.

For me, it is a day of deep reflection.  Never before or since September 11th, 2001 have I ever experienced the same level of intense feelings which I felt that day.  Fear, sadness, empathy, despair, anger, frustration, complete trepidation.  I feared for our nation as a whole and for the survivors and rescuers immersed in the thick of the chaos and destruction.  My heart ached for those who witnessed the devastation first hand, those who feared for the safety of their loved ones and neighbors.  I was angry beyond words and truth be told, today I still am. 

The days that followed my heart swelled with pride at the fearless bravado of our first responders, for our administration and military for their courage, pure human emotion and their quick response, and for the people of the United States who, for the first time I could recall, came together “undivided, with liberty and justice for all” in their minds and hearts.

I remember how deeply proud I felt to be an American.   

Here we are 15 years later.   Fifteen years is a long time.   5,479 days. 

Today, I’m still proud to be an American. Although I’m not so proud of America or some of my fellow Americans.   Too many people have forgotten.   Too many have become divided.  This sadness breeds fear in my heart again.  Fear of another heinous attack.  Fear we have allowed our guard to drop in order to not hurt the feelings of foreigners and non-American citizens.  Of those who may wish us harm again.  I honestly pray we NEVER have to endure another day like September 11th. 

If you’ve forgotten, I suggest you take a moment to reflect.  Remember where you were when you hear the news about the attacks.  Remember the shock and horror you felt when you watched the footage.  Remember how your heart ached for those who were lost, for their families and for the brave souls who tirelessly risked their lives to find the survivors.  Remember how we came together as a country to show our solidarity to our evil enemies. And then, don’t ever forget.

God Bless America

I have not forgotten.